What's next for Picture Me Living?

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Ok, so whats next?

  • JULY 20, 2019 Travel Brunch in ATL, location TBD downtown Atlanta. Plan on 3pm and RSVP asap here.
  • AUGUST 13, 2019 Sip & Paint 7pm in ATL.  Location to be released mid July to participants.  Obviously travel themed and we will team up with other travel pages to network. RSVP here.  Ticket purchase will be required to solidify your spot.


  • PML is now offering trip planning services. This is an ELITE service for the serious traveller who needs assistance. With the amount of inquiries, travel, and full time work we put in we came up with a fair price to compensate our time along with providing a quality service for you. You can get your initial consult for free here https://picturemeliving.store/products/travel-consultation

Coming Soon...

  • Tour Atlanta with Picture Me Living!  I know y'all have heard about "Old Atlanta" and the evolution/growth that produced mass changes.  Well we plan to offer a tour from a NATIVE, as there are only a couple authentic tours now from real ATLiens.  Our tour is being curated as we speak, and will incorporate several black history lessons, HBCU stops, and lunch from Black owned establishments.  If you do not currently live in ATL plan on touring when you visit, or have a long layover!

That's it for now! We appreciate your support so far.  Thank you for believing in our brand like we do and don't forget, we want to see your vacation pics!  Tag us on social media and use the hashtag #picturemeliving for a feature :) 

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